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Voicing That Gets Attention.







 Add the POWER of Audio. Turn your website into a valuable asset by  ‘Setting the Stage’ for all your Real Estate Visitors! 
Vendor's love it! 

What is one referral worth to you? Increased inquiries generates new business, referrals, and ‘Audio’ positions YOU as the leader in your Industry.


By adding the professional power of audio to your website, you will not only increase your Opt in ratio's, but you will increase your sales. Just imagine an Audio Welcome Greeting on your homepage, not only will you get their attention, you will be building a professional image of what they can expect from you and most importantly...who you are!

But that's not all, just think how you will stand apart from your competition... then ask yourself, "What is one referral worth to your business?"...exactly! 

With such a strong push to leave the cluttered paper world behind, and more of a lean toward technology and the world online connection.  






Get A Grip Website audio is the perfect advertising solution...




  With distinctive branding by effectively marketing properties and being unique in the marketplace! Voice recording has widespread applications in the world of online marketing, andcreative uses of professional talent go beyond traditional advertising. 
 First impressions can be visible through your website, so it is important to STAND OUT! 




Better yet! 

We do ALL the work, write, voice and produce! 
So web viewer’s from all over the world can sit back relax and listen to a ‘Professional’
presentation about your developements, company, and your successes.
Not only does it help your client base, 
but Google and other
spider-bots measure how long a visitor is on your site.                                    


                     Its proven people retain only 10% of what they read, 15% of what 
they hear, when you combine Audio with Visual people retain 45% more!                                  

                     If you have been searching for better ways to convert more traffic off
                     your Point2 website, look no further! We proudly serve across
                     Canada, the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Europe
                     and we are still growing!




Your Most IMPORTANT Audience ... Your Client's!


What Are YOU Waiting For!






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