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What Our Fans Say


Our clients, large and small, appreciate our transparent approach, which is one of the reasons why we have so many clients that refer us to their peers, and who have been valued members of our family for well over 16 years.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★



They say "you get what you pay for" ... well I can say that is not always the case.

My first website designer charged considerably more yet produced a website that was nothing compared to what Cher of Get A Grip Website Solutions created for me.

I was referred to Cher through a mutual contact, he said, "you won't be disappointed" and I can say Cher exceeded all of my expectations.  In chatting with Cher she knew instinctively what I was wanting and it turned out to be a piece of art that is not only beautiful to look at but functional and easy for my clientele to use. In time, when my website needs a fresh look, I will contact Cher with no hesitation as we all know that the best we can all expect is not only referral business, but return business.


Thank you so much Cher!


D Van Schilt 


★ ★ ★ ★ ★


"To my most valuable friends at Get A Grip Websites, I  just wanted tell all the Point2 members that are not your clients (yet) that they should be NOW!


Barry & Cher your team has looked after me and my business for more than 14 years ... from 4 website re-designs (to stay up with the market and tech changes) to providing me with audio voiceovers for my listings (really miss these). 

I am now retiring and in a much better position and in a huge part thanks to your company. Your shared wealth of marketing knowledge has helped carry my business through some tough years for Real Estate and I am a much richer man for knowing you, in more ways than one."

Wishing you continued success my friends.

Ed Benning



★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Matt Bourque

M Bourque 

"Can't say enough good things about the team at Get A Grip. I have grown my business substantially and can honestly say in a large part  its due to them.  3 Websites and 10 years of unbelievable customer service and extensive knowledge, has taken my business from average to TOP of my field " ... Barry you and Cher always go the extra mile Thank You!!!"



Rebecca Dawson

R  Dawson

"Thank you, Cher, for your patient and thorough service in designing  a new website to meet our particular needs. You made several creative suggestions as you guided us through the design process; these suggestions really helped make our sight not only optimally functional but visually beautiful. We look forward to referring other clients to you and Get A Grip. 

Please add this to my testimonial:

“After sharing our website with other realtors, we have received rave reviews regarding the graphics and the functionality!" 





Todd Simpson Royal lepage

K Simpson 

"We really like the look of the website!  Great job, we know you spent considerable time on it, going up and above. And we really like the new logo you put together!!  Again great job! In  keeping up with technology we have since had 3 Websites designed and each one is better than the last 
Once again,  many thanks.



Sylvia Hariski

S Hariski

"I am so very pleased with the work Cher put into my website. She started the process by making sure to have a conversation with me to get a "feel" for the kind of person I am and designed the website accordingly. The end result is truly reflective of the type of person I am. I can honestly say the investment was well worth it as I've received several more inquiries via my new website than I ever had before. A big thank you Cher!"




Norm & Teri Lynn Hilson Remax

N Hilson


"Looks Amazing... Thanks so much for all the work you put in to our WEBSITE  for the last 13 years. We are contacted daily by different companies promising us the world. We feel we have made a smart choice by enlisting in your product and services.

Our sales have soared in the past months easily beating the competition in monthly sales. Thanks again for all your help.




kim odell

K ODell


"After working with 3 web designers, we were thrilled to find Get A Grip.  We needed a total redesign.  I called the company and talked with both Barry and Cher at length.  I immediately felt comfortable with them.  Through the entire process, Cher was available by phone and email and responded to all calls and emails in a timely manner.  We highly recommend Get a Grip for their creativity, knowledge and customer service.  You will not be disappointed."



Janice Ponce

Janice Ponce 



"I am very pleased to say I finally found what I was looking for in website design. A big thank you to Cher & Barry at 'Get A Grip Audio & Website Solutions' (website site designs).  Mine was long overdue and Barry gently kept on me (for a year!) to talk to Cher about what she could do for me.  She listened to every word, all my wants and needs and ran with it. From the colors to pictures to fonts and more, I love it!  I have had people call me from all over to tell me how much they love my new website & it's only been up two days!  A wealthy friend of mine always says "It takes money to make money," it's very true, but I also believe it takes a team of great people to support you. 

Thank you so much 'Get A Grip Audio' fantastic job! 



Clark Hitchcock

C Hitchcock


"Our website was getting out dated and we needed a new online image but we didn’t have the time or the expertise to do the work. Get A Grip Websites and Cher Connor revamped and created a fantastic fresh new look for the website and also a 'NEW LOGO' for our team. We were extremely happy with the result.  The logo is professional looking and creative and the website is attractive and easy to use. We found the experience of working with Cher at Get A Grip Websites to be very positive, she was extremely knowledgeable, creative, quick to return emails, very accommodating and everything was completed in a timely manner. We would highly recommend  Get A Grip Websites to anyone in need of  creating or enhancing their website business by creating a more professional online image!"




Paola Guidi

P Guidi


"Perfect Cher, Thank you for all your help and to answer all my questions!

I`m so impressed and as you renewed my website so fast and I think you did a really great job! You can add this as my testimonial, it`s short but just because I`m running out of time, as I will leave after tomorrow on vacations, and I`m still busy.

Thank you very much again and we will be in touch for the next!"