GET A GRIP WEBSITES    Approved since 2006


And now after 17 years working exclusively with Point2 members.


We are still here to help!


Don’t worry Point2 members, Get A Grip Websites has expanded after 17 Years with Point2, and we’re ready to help you transition over your Point2 websites.


We did a survey with many different clients all over N. America and asked this simple question, “Would you rather own your website, or rent it off some company and take the chance this could happen to all of us again?" Everyone answered “Own It” so that is what we decided to do. It’s a very easy process and all you have to do to get started is give us a call at 250-545-2999 or an email at


To get started, we will walk you through your options to build a beautifully designed website that you will own instead of renting. This ensures you will never lose your website again. We also would like to encourage all of the Point2 members to keep their free Point2 accounts so you can take advantage with Point2 homes for your listings syndications and other services.


It’s unfortunate for what has happened to us all, we won't leave you stranded. Please reach out to us when you get an opportunity and if you would like a stunning website and a team you can trust!



GET A GRIP WEBSITES    Approved since 2006

Did you know SEO starts here, with your STUNNING WEBSITE DESIGN!





We feel very fortunate to work with many of the most prestigious companies and brands in real estate, just like you. Including franchises, brokers, agents and teams in the Top 100 of their industry.





Our work speaks for itself, 
now let it SPEAK for you.


Since 2006 we have never skipped a beat working exclusively with Point2 Technologies, who boasts more than 300,000 members in 85 Countries, also “speaks for itself”. Creating compelling and stunning designs, layout and content, focusing on you and your market. Offering a customer experience designed just for you. 

Our clients large and small appreciate our transparent partnership approach. One of the reasons why we have so many clients that refer us to their peers, and who have been valued members of our family for over 16 years.






W e   h e a r   YOU!  L e t  u s  s h o w  YOU!





Our clients large and small appreciate our transparent partnership approach.

Get A Grip I want to say a big  THANK YOU for the development work you did on my website. Once I provided you with the information, you completed the work in a very quick time and the final product functioned perfectly when it was completed.


My clients have complimented me as to the professionalism of my website and its functionality. 


It has already resulted in drawing more business to my company. I will highly recommend your services to other real estate agents and companies.


David P. - P.V. Mexico

 TRUSTED by and powering Top Real Estate Professionals across Canada, USA, Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Rico